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House of Applied Imagination.

Come and meet the team.

Michelle Fok
Principal Designer

Michelle is a New York based multidisciplinary designer with ten years of visual design experience. She possesses years’ worth of academic training and professional experience in the design and innovation sectors. Her design footprints can be found in New York City, London and Hong Kong.

Samina Rahman
Design Strategist

Samina works on the overlap of Design and Business, and believes that Design Thinking is the means which can turn ambiguity into opportunity. She specializes not just in delivering out-of-the-box end solutions, but also in offering creative tools for holistic process-driven development, always keeping human-centered design at the core.

Copywriter/ Illustrator 

Mica Schlosser is an illustrator who focuses on non-fiction subject matter, namely graphic journalism, visual reportage, and social history. She graduated with a history Masters from the University of Oxford and a design Masters from Central Saint Martins. Her work has been featured on television (BBC), Film, YouTube, digital platforms and in print.

Mica Schlosser
Graphic Designer

Basma is a London based graphic designer and an illustrator, her work is inspired by nature and everything whimsical. She gained her undergrad degree from UAL, learned from the best in the fashion industry at Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design, while undertaking MA Applied Imagination at Central Saint Martins, she realized the power of research and design thinking and how can design influence consumer behavior beyond what’s visible to the eye.

Basma Serrag
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