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About Thirteensee Creative.

{Design Strategy} + {Creative Direction}

Thirteensee Creative started in a townhouse in North London, number 13C, when a group of us started trying to document daily forms of creative problem-solving, design-thinking, and social-outreach.  We have different backgrounds, races, nationalities, cultures, and industries-- across New York, Mumbai, Seoul, Doha, and London—and we’ve joined together in the aim of making a positive impact.


Our mission is to provide creative services— like branding, design-thinking, social campaigns, and marketing—through creative problem-solving that is all done in-house. We aim to meet our clients long term goals and aspirations, not just their short-term needs.

Get in touch if that sounds good to you!

Our Clients say...

The work is so beautiful. I’m so thrilled with the work product. :-)

- Jody Miller, founder of Sophie Peridot

It has been wonderful working with Michelle and communication has been good

- Muriel Salimin, Founder & Creative Director of MUUR

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